Monday, December 04, 2006

No sleep

Waking up early
i force the potent
black liquid
down my throat

Tired dragged
down my body
and out my
pink painted toes

I pace
from the crib
to the kitchen

from the sink
i see the frozen
world cased in cream

icy rainbow teardrops
hang from every cornice
and corner
softly weeping in the
early morning sunshine

god i miss sleeping

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Here it is

this is me
this connection to
the world
a link
a word
tatooed in
prose upon my forehead

i found you here
my inspiring

I had or have
a dream
that mimics a world
of shadows

I am the mind
behind the curtain

controlling an uncontrollable

showered with your
absent affection

I guess this lonely
infinite connection
lets me know your

but why do i miss

i guess the I am
fooled myself

did i ever want at all
everywhere i go

i feel the fall
of needing
manifest in expectation

all your desires
are empty

if they love you
are you loved

if you want them
will you feel satisfaction

if you go there
will it be there

"i deserve" is meaningless

just stop thinking and

Friday, November 17, 2006


to escape all thought
of implied suspition
i have to say
i created this day
every moment
i created this life
but still i questioned
where I went wrong
who is to blame
for this suspended state
of disbelief
the hardest one to forgive
is me
i feel the god grow within me
and i give my life

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quiet Little Poor Boy

I see a sad little boy
sitting alone in the light of a street lamp

pen scratches paper
as the crickets of the lakeside
croon their nightime song
all night long

Quiet little poor boy
scratching out poetry
what are you writting
what are you dreaming

Quiet little poor boy
what will your future be?

I see a young man
picking cotton in the feilds with his mama
since he was 3 years old
dragging his sack around
dragging his childhood down

Quiet little poor boy
could you see what was to come
could you see Germany
could you see Vietnam
Quiet little poor boy
had to be a man too soon

Now your a daddy
got that son you always wanted
but on the way you got 4 girls
daddy's little junkyard girl
says she off to see the world
says soon she'll be leaving
you know that soon she'll be gone

Quiet little poor boy
what are you gonna do
when your baby's leaving you

Quiet little poor boy
scratching out poetry
what are you writing
What are you dreaming

I wrote this song for my father years ago and it came to mind. I can hear the piano music ringing up from my memory. When i remember more I'll patch it up. I love you old man. ^_^

Friday, September 29, 2006

10 Best and 10 Worst

10 Best Things About Being a Nudist

10. You are always comfortable, no clothes to pinch or itch, to tight or too loose, complete freedom of movement

9. Drinks and meals are always bought for you

8. The sun is always warmer

7. The rain is always sweeter

6. You have nothing to hide, or at least no where to hide it. People trust someone with no pockets

5. Your always a hit a parties

4. You never fail to shock visitors at the door

3. They never forget your name, or your …um… face

2. You never have to worry about what to wear

1. Everybody loves the naked person; it takes strength, bravery, vulnerability and a lot of grooming

10 Worst Things About Being a Nudist

10. It gets cold sometimes

9. You’re usually the only one naked

8. Leather furniture can get sticky

7. Going to the mall gets complicated

6. Pets with claws and cold noses

5. Sometimes insecure people get mad until they understand that’s just the weird way you are

4. You leave yourself open to what people really think of appearances

3. People fall in love easily with an open, honest, naked person

2. You can get arrested for going outside

1. Naked people jobs are limited

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Waiting for January

this celebrated sense of cerebral conformity
the scent seems to follow you.

tense always
where do we go

further from the solitary
feeling of self

i understand
what you don't want me to

i am to blame for the
state of this stasis

barely alive
thank god in this absence

we all want for a greater purpose
we know is just waiting

in the mailbox
at the bank

when we leave or comeback
just beyond tomorrow

the sun hides behind
the mountains

just over the horizon
but you don't know how
to climb

so again you struggle
with ever opening the door

and even more
can't decide if you even

make it there
wouldn't it just be night
by then

missed it again
the sun on your face

the wet grass
on your knees

a smile on your
flawless mind

felt it all come down
when you say that
life is a mistake
your right

i was wrong
i surrender to your justice

don't forget to be emotional
how else can they tell
your serious

about what you know
is defined right

don't forget your "right"
overrides everyone else's

i long for the empty bliss
that waits on the other
side of abandon

i can let go of everything

but you

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pressure to please

what is it
you think i
don't understand

how bout you stand here
for a minute

watch your face
as you say
one thing
and say another

confusing your

hey smile
and lie

i can take it

one more round for the inebriated
shell of you

i swallow the salty soul
and take it all down
with me
to a kingdom
full of restful

no one ever spends a night
alone in this everlasting
of celebrated empty

love this

i can dig it

just smile and lie
i know its you again

wide eyed wonder
infinity shows me
your so sad


tell me something
how far does it go?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A million times i've seen the shore
a memory trapped within a dream

i take this photograph
and scribe behind
a life that isn't mine
an epitaph

a drawing without lines
a mind of nights
so sacrosanct
a lie is your
limited translated truth

honestly a word
a world

unreal and so

i follow a scene
repeated through
a neverending
taste of what a
sunset could truly

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The creation of all

I am the nighttime
of your walking

kept in silence
the soul divides

love and sacrifice
rides the line of divine

but whose
yours or mine?

am i inhibited
or undefined

at a loss for worlds
i defy space
with rhyme

it seems like everytime i jump through the looking glass of time and conciousness i find the same. over and over and over again. trapped in a thought of a past that may or may not have happened. Who can tell the witness what is true but you. Fuck comparitive experience. More lies with more time, whose world do i occupy yours or mine.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

no 1

i can't write
can't think
remember or forget

stuck in a hard spot
in my chest

blue fire
ignites like
butane veins
to purify the

to live again
when you find everything
what is it

it is hard
(cause i say it is)
to hold on to
any 1

refusing to place
words upon whats right
what's this or that

is it safe or chaos
holding on to
that echo in the vastness
of your mind

thick and tangible
i can touch the absence
of sound

surrounding me
sitting in my throat

does something replace

when the veil projected
is dismantled
you can see
out the dirty window
trees and know them as
they are

unique, please
that i could be a tree
or anything but me
as a body

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

For you

For You

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dreams are lovely
but in their absence
i see the through the eyes
of one just awakened
to the mystery
of the ever present
previously projected
i was subjected
to the lies i created
i love this world
empty of worldly
mindful things
thinking only brings
us further from reality
so do a favor
do not think of me
just see past
the memory of
what used to be
and just be here
now in this
with me

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

where am i

there are no words
for the progression of time

nonaction still supresses experience
-the preference of an angry mind

I love and i feel loss
I am duality and totality

acceptance and denial

i will or won't
refuse the front

but see the real. fulfilled

In darkened eyes all i see

is joy reflection of the

facets of my soul


a universe in my breast
heaving mountains tremble

as gods touch celestial

giants collide.

destroy the center and all else falls

because i tripped

i learn to run

sometimes you fall

racing down a mountain

experience exhilerates

exhale and wait

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

He is my song

peaceful sighs
subtle smiles
my lusting heart
repents for it has found
a meaning deeper
then the deepest sea
you set it turning
spinning off through
what was seeming
empty space

you give me something
i have abandoned
all that's rational
you just feel so good
so natural
and i adore you
i adore you

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


don't be the fool that cancelled
all our hopes
existing in my heart
if I wrote the part
i was to play before
entering this word
I'd write the same

never more would I complain
become hot
stress maintained

irreversible love plots
grow thicker with time
and tender care

your writing also shares
the spot taken up by piano keys
and your melody has more then once
taken me past my plight
and into worlds
previously non existent

fills that space within
and i exist in extasy
you inside me
drumming my fingers
down your skin

I could never stop
or cease to be IN
love with you

Friday, March 10, 2006

Forever in Dreams

its like i never find the time
when all is good
to sit down and express the truth

I'm too happy
sleeping beside you
I hear the words
then i smile
and curl up
with your softness

when the children are asleep
and the sun
makes my curtains glow
with it's predawn light

i lie here
prisoner of my mind
haunted by the morning birds
can't sleep
but i don't want to leave this bed
who knows
when you'll be back again

but i have you now
so i lie awake to dream
that we could be
this way

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Coke Bottle

if there were ever a time
a nation needed its people to be together
it would be now

there are those
that can't eat
or sleep
for fear
of repercussions that may come
strike from the street with a fury
previously unheard of

dreams could be fulfilled
by you
and by me
if reaching for your dreams
could make the ethereal be

just set your mind free
from the media captivity
and allow yourself to act
like a real human being
and just see

that we all share a world.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Rebuttal

to a life
that goes around:

feelings fucked
its not like
anyone gives a damn now
just forget
what its like to

special and sacred
the temple
of the body

where does it come from
where does it end
from questions
then lover
to friend

is a happy place
a private space
is it all forgotten
sacrificed for a
smiling face
a slap on the ass
leads to disaster

no one says i do
that don't dream
for something better
to grow together
in that perfect image

what do you need?

one more puff of weed?
guess it can't
take you far enough

so just deal with
day to day

reaching out to create
but are you really O.K.

with having a woman
who hates to obey

always talks of her days
of freedom
your've seen her
staring out the window

i guess you'll never
really know
where she goes
cause you just forgot
to ask her...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Love NY

i love New York
the sights
the sounds
the smell as
the sun hits
the street
full of sweet refuse
the night before
just fades away
and i am lost
in sweet repose
prose alive in
that tin can
on your street
sitting on the stoop
or on the roof
the awning
or the alley
i hear your rhythm
sipping my Heineken
in love
with your sleepless
carry me away
to a blissful dream
of my home
my city
my heart
my soul
i love New York