Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quiet Little Poor Boy

I see a sad little boy
sitting alone in the light of a street lamp

pen scratches paper
as the crickets of the lakeside
croon their nightime song
all night long

Quiet little poor boy
scratching out poetry
what are you writting
what are you dreaming

Quiet little poor boy
what will your future be?

I see a young man
picking cotton in the feilds with his mama
since he was 3 years old
dragging his sack around
dragging his childhood down

Quiet little poor boy
could you see what was to come
could you see Germany
could you see Vietnam
Quiet little poor boy
had to be a man too soon

Now your a daddy
got that son you always wanted
but on the way you got 4 girls
daddy's little junkyard girl
says she off to see the world
says soon she'll be leaving
you know that soon she'll be gone

Quiet little poor boy
what are you gonna do
when your baby's leaving you

Quiet little poor boy
scratching out poetry
what are you writing
What are you dreaming

I wrote this song for my father years ago and it came to mind. I can hear the piano music ringing up from my memory. When i remember more I'll patch it up. I love you old man. ^_^

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