Tuesday, July 03, 2007

happy 4th yall

If anything should happen in the big NY

if the world disappears, or just i do

I would like everyone to know

Happy independence day

Do it for you

accept the good with bad

swallow your ego

and allow yourself the freedom

entitled to a living being

and shout to the heavens

i am here and i will be happy

because i breathe,

because i see

i am and i experience

I love and i am life

don't react

allow and understand you
and every other being alive

lives and dies

so switch off the autopilot

jump headfirst into your biggest fears

because after that what's left

but to be the traveler
the navagator

the one who truely lived
and died

but still endures

to all of you

taking day by day

i love you

i will always love you

i respect you and i miss you

and most of all


right now

I am here with you
enjoying you

for who you really are
a living being

and thats enough for me