Monday, May 10, 2010

'til we die


my mind

with muddled thoughts of you

swimming in and out

of my visions all morning

my mind is fevered
and broken

Im lost but I haven't moved

you don't even know

that im gone


livin in my own created fantasys

ripe on my hot joys
I feel elated my head on the table

and i escape my life
every time i close my eyes

all of you are happy,
hiding in pretty lies.

perhaps the little girl was right
staring me down with all her

go back to your life
accept a fate never wanted
never asked for

your cage
while i live in mine

i'm always good at the beginnings
then I'm always left behind

Life must be more
then disappointments
til we die...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Stand

What can you do

when the dream ends

and you wake up to

once a friend

now a sympathetic lier

what tumbles from you lips

could hardly stifle all

my wanting

worn from all my doubting


I've nothing left to do

but believe you

what a silly girl

living forever in

her fantasies

taking just a moments

just to throw it all way

I have once known happy

I have once felt love

I was once left to stand corrected

and now my feelings all have

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Changing of the Seasons

A break from my rhythmical musings to let you know what I'm up to. Lots of fantastic projects with not a moment to give thought to all the should have - could have beens...

Just the way I like it. Some of the most exciting projects include the band. We have shows coming up and we are working out some studio time to record original tracks.

There are also two books in the works. The first is the Barefoot Ladies Art Book. A collab effort with two other artists, a photographer, and a bunch of models.

Check out some concepts we're working on:

1. The Tennessee Williams
Beautiful girl, lounging on a bed barefoot. Rainy day in black and white with many shades of grey. A clean room, sparse furniture and a pitcher of water by the bed. "Talk to me like the Rain" Style. The focus on the bottom of her soles, losing focus toward the window... Quiet, Southern and Gothic.

2. The Marie Antoinette
Perfect Girl in wig - piled high white hair - and big blue satin gown. At a tea party barefoot. Lavish and decadent with lots of different photos. Perhaps an angled shot of candy painted toes buried under little tea cakes. Or pouring tea over her feet into a large basin...

Any one wanting to get involved just drop me a line through the Kickstarter message board here:

There is another big archeology project coming up as well. I'll be documenting that through video, photos and a book. Off in search of Nephilim. Any help or funding is totally appreciated. Thank you for reading and keep reading to stay current my inspirations...