Wednesday, December 16, 2009


oh my abandon
reckless and sweet
in soften dirty rapture

myself is complete

understand so totally

wrapped in arms


I feel it

the soft

surrender to entropy
so solemn your loyalty

take rest inside of
my soul

Saturday, November 07, 2009


there is something
that few ever see

but we never forget
those eyes

a smile

it emanates from
the hearts

and wells up
from the soul

a connection so divine
have no description
for this state of bliss

all the world
the hills
the grass beside the road

and the street
glows with the

everything is beautiful

i see it in the pictures
it plays on the lips of strangers

and i admire the brave

Monday, October 26, 2009

Deep as the Sea

its a strange thing
to chase enlightenment

follow a dream

and oh so accepted
this flight filled being

how then
am i finding
these guts pushed
so low

theres not a thing wrong

why am i on the floor

in the throws of my pity
he tosses me about

i feel no more

and dismiss all doubt

I know there is love
but i'm to weak to say

i've suffered my romance

and still took this chance

return all the favors

these trinkets of gods

that have marred all my living

left too blind to see
I suffer

that no drug gives reprieve
and ache from a pain
that no pill can relieve

no priest
and no martyr

just me
and my shadows

they quietly company
where ever i go

and as high as the skye
and as deep as the sea

will learn to love

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


red wine
and tootsie rolls
all the
decadence in the world
will never
make me as happy
as our last moments together
on the worst
day of my life

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Snow

are we meant to be
as flowers
constantly absorbing
the flow of spirit 
and expessing life
and world
are we meant to die
like flowers
in the snow?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

two minutes til midnight

what it must be like

to live the lenthened hours

like this

where every breath

is taken

by a mention

and all the daunting time

locked away inside my mind

a whisper

a picture

a talismen

the timber in the voice

of a soft spoken prayer


so late at night

lighting a candle

to mark moments so sacred

and silent


i creep into their room

and look upon the faces
of divine and i know

whos life

comes before mine

who's dreams i will live
to see them through

i've found god

i've seen truth

i've made promises

and i've broken them

i am not who i was yesterday

two minutes ago

and there's a comfort to be found
in clarity

we all are divinity
hopelessly trapped in humanity

Saturday, January 17, 2009


 i dream of when i scale the misty mountain who will go to tibet india egypt i dream of temple walls so holy far from thoughts that trap me hold me where i can stand with all my trembling face to face and breathe in the freedom ah, sweet liberation i take my joy in anticipation friend of sacrifice body of stone heart of ice covered by smiles to be polite but your not blind and i understand that all these lies will melt with time and your just playing nice we laugh and we feel sadness drowing in each others madness or maybe its just mine my sweet divine you know your never wrong but hear my songs my words my prayer my escape, yes from sinking into soft despair