Saturday, October 15, 2005

Poetry 4 Freedom

Everyone asks where I find the time to write everyday. To them I say "How do you find the time to eat? - or to breathe?"

There is a truth that must be told here. The big secret. Most artists are broke!

I'm still making some last minute changes, but some tech friends and I got together to write my first published work. (*drumroll please*)The Artist's Guide to RSS if I can hand off a couple of these the white pickup truck won't show up outside this month!

The man in his uniform won't even have to make the drive and charge me an extra 20 to inform me it hasn't been paid. :)HA!

I'm really excited actually! I think I did a brilliant job with this one, and it will help a lot of artists: Painters, Sculptors, Journalists, Poets, Writers the world over, Bloggers, Podcasters, Vloggers - anyone really trying the hard way to publicize and sell their works and words online.

This is just one part of Ninja Press though :) I was up all night playing around with merch ideas, the order system is not set up though. Just post a comment if your interested in buying or have any ideas to use in the Ninja Press Line. (that sounds so awesome) Check this out. It has the title on the front, and the Sapphire poem of your choice on the back. Revive the art and spread the word! I even thought about a white fabric line, just so I can hand-sign the work! :)

Please, help a ninja out! Check out the book (you can peek the table of contents here), and keep an eye on the merch. I'll also be adding some original painting, sculptures, and pocket sculptures soon. Yey. Help me spread the words!

Fear Ninja

sunlight streaming
through a soft haze
of shades of grey
i find peace
in silence

Friday, October 14, 2005

Single bed

it's not like you
to just be gone
i thought my place
one of wrong
sleeping alone
is not what i signed for
eyes still blurry
as you walk in the door
in you and in me
valid excuses
profusely explained
guess it's just
a thing
a star-crossed exchange
what is love
but a many splendored fling

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Vision of Drunken Haiku

Beer I taste you cold
Frothy, lipstick left on glass
Set on dark table.

Early Poet

is there a morning
more beautiful?
with autumn
like a pear
discouraged from progressing
hard without maturity
so sweet
drops of light
dance across my floor
last night sleeps
beside me
breathing softly
as i lean
to kiss
his salty cheek

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


it's like severed ties
are building up inside
and this soul is a shell
as i walk through inside
i'm just a shadow of myself
an oppression
of a reflection
and you shouldn't have to go away
don't turn
don't walk
just fade
like memories
you just fade away
and i
have tried
so many times
so many lies
and we're still living here like strangers
why cry when it hurts?

This is actually a song I wrote when I was doing the band thing last year. I wish my Ipod was working, I'd let you guys hear it. Soon huh? We'll all be rich. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Needless things

such a sell out
for your commercialism
buy into your 60 second trip
and shape my life
around your materialism
gotta get that next
gotta get it thing
(need to have that thing)
makes life better
takes away the monotony
of everyday

i'll sell for you
just make my life better
make it mine
that chemical smile
watching from the mirror
as i slowly pass away
gotta get that next
-gotta get it thing
(need to have that thing)
makes life better

Monday, October 10, 2005


Is there a thing
more romantic
than words
ink on
pale paper
loves finest intentions
how long
is a promise
-when words
give no mention?


Thanks to everyone leaving comments. Nothing could be more awesome than knowing your work is read. Even more - that it's liked and appreciated. We all have stories, and secrets. Please feel free to share, and let me know when you link to me, I'll gladly return the gesture. For now...

Two twenty three
up late
watching old kung fu movies