Thursday, July 20, 2006

no 1

i can't write
can't think
remember or forget

stuck in a hard spot
in my chest

blue fire
ignites like
butane veins
to purify the

to live again
when you find everything
what is it

it is hard
(cause i say it is)
to hold on to
any 1

refusing to place
words upon whats right
what's this or that

is it safe or chaos
holding on to
that echo in the vastness
of your mind

thick and tangible
i can touch the absence
of sound

surrounding me
sitting in my throat

does something replace

when the veil projected
is dismantled
you can see
out the dirty window
trees and know them as
they are

unique, please
that i could be a tree
or anything but me
as a body

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