Wednesday, June 08, 2011

the cure

i want to be happy
with a face so golden as yours

full of honesty and truth
it leaves me feeling empty and
all this alone time consumes

oh baby its wrong
to want to throw it all
aside for something real

it been so long
that I forgot to feel

I see its me that's always
brought me down

and here i am underwater
under me under you
and we all keep sinking

but there's only one cure

is it all some miss. understanding
who sheds her soul for you?

crushed and empty those legs
always know me best

and its all in my mind again
all and only

so where's the room for you
and me in all this obsessing

wronged and broken

and here i am underwater
under me under you
and we all keep sinking

but there's only one cure

and I'm reaching towards
the smoky lights of
faraway salvation

Saturday, June 04, 2011

some words

in the essence of her dark spires
i can see the
and sparkling sensation

that hints of inspiring

lost and falling
in summers heat

this garden sits
fresh with dew

hidden behind the unscaleable walls
waiting for me

Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Time

your silence burns me

and the ring tightens

until there's no breath


and chained in more

that have no name

i'm never sure

which choice
be my downfall.

or yours
leading to mine

is there peace

for my mind when your

you only seem to
bring me down

to take some thing

and make it shit

cause your there

indeed my selfishness
can swallow my world

i am my greatest

The way i see you

makes you

makes me

feel so unimportant

why then are we here at all

when one

just makes the other fall

taking that point of
joy and

transforming into
an ocean

of misery

where is this
enlightened being

your truely ugly within

with me wanting more

but we both reflect


and now you lie



all your real

and show me only

shadow shapes of
the person you are

to much

makes me hate you

because your untrue
as my fantasy's

and there's
no time
no talking
to you