Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Mopad

Whoever can get this for me in a bright yellow, is the love of my life! :) With gas prices being so high, this seems like the perfect solution. And how fun would this be? Who wouldn't want one? I'll even write about it and you can keep the poem, or painting. :) Hey, I'd even work for it - a couple web designs. Some paintings, sketches, or sculptures, you name it!

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The Living

and full
of vitality
breasts large
and firm
to be touched
he says
"so precious,
what are you doing here?"
Huh ;)
wish i knew
what i do
When it was applicable
nights of glory
all eyes on me
dark orbs
peeking out of a sea
of sexuality.
Ladies in waiting
among ebbs of sweaty hands
clinging to crumpled
bits of paper
all for you
Keep Smiling.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Is there help?

For those of us wonderding
where an alternative
path could lead
get in touch
we all at one point in time
or another
need each other
like a lonely purple flower
hanging from a late fall bower
that i travel underneath
and the moon is barely peering
down through branches bent to ceiling
as in nature so are we
almost not in our control.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

They Roll

it's dark
leaves roll across the ground
i think of you
and our beautiful silence
i left this place
i thought forever
how'd i end up here again?
all the world is my escape
but this box
six feet thick
by your friendly disposition.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


A night of heaving
There's a sense of
Rustling deep inside
Guess that when the
Light flickers and at last
Outside the sun breaks
We sigh and sleep together

Broken Mirrors

why do i need your approval
who am i trying to please
is it a standard intelligence
that lets acceptance pull you down
and pettiness is your name
lack of temperance is my fault
but we can't place the blame
on me alone
come with me
if you want to
should i be the one
to tell you
it's only far from over


why am I so tormented
by thoughts of you
there's still a dark desire
still a yearning
all my soul within me burning
open mouthed
flames outpour
watch them rolling down your body
soft and supple
hard engorged
close your eyes
it's just like breathing
let all thought just slip away
then the path is non-existant
(lips so close together)
in the darkness, and the silence
i can hear you asking questions
so confusing
but i'll never stop
(reflections of you)
how can love so passionate fade?
when you don't even know i'm there

***Everyone dreams

"Stone walls do not a prison make,
nor iron bars a cage"

One of my favorite things about writing and poetry especially - there are no boundries. No rules.
A very powerful art that can take others deep into the beautiful soul of the author. You have the power to control, to create and destoy worlds, to inspire a mass movement, or to incite a riot- rustling violence in the hearts of men.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


morning in the city
can be so sublime
grab my notebook
hit the streets seeking ryhmes
there I find you
street busses and cans
add colors to the world
channeled down through my hands
and I give them to you
life in the city
just an image away
a dream trapped in a memory
unable to play
desire makes you distant
now I sit in the rain

Memories of a City

I lived in New York for a time, and for that time I was so happy and so free. Everything changes they say.

My family and I visited on Christmas sometimes as a child. My mother's parents lived on Long Island, where the snow gets deep and beautiful. I can remember watching it from the front windows. Squeezing behind the tree, and pushing aside the lace curtains in their heavily garlic scented house.

Everything in life takes effort. What good is a step in any direction if you have no idea where you want to go?

I had a dream

I had a dream
where nothing was equal

the rich users
building empires on the deprivation of others

others struggle for their passion
creating more ways to keep themselves passionate
is your thorn riddled crown