Friday, March 10, 2006

Forever in Dreams

its like i never find the time
when all is good
to sit down and express the truth

I'm too happy
sleeping beside you
I hear the words
then i smile
and curl up
with your softness

when the children are asleep
and the sun
makes my curtains glow
with it's predawn light

i lie here
prisoner of my mind
haunted by the morning birds
can't sleep
but i don't want to leave this bed
who knows
when you'll be back again

but i have you now
so i lie awake to dream
that we could be
this way

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Coke Bottle

if there were ever a time
a nation needed its people to be together
it would be now

there are those
that can't eat
or sleep
for fear
of repercussions that may come
strike from the street with a fury
previously unheard of

dreams could be fulfilled
by you
and by me
if reaching for your dreams
could make the ethereal be

just set your mind free
from the media captivity
and allow yourself to act
like a real human being
and just see

that we all share a world.