Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Rebuttal

to a life
that goes around:

feelings fucked
its not like
anyone gives a damn now
just forget
what its like to

special and sacred
the temple
of the body

where does it come from
where does it end
from questions
then lover
to friend

is a happy place
a private space
is it all forgotten
sacrificed for a
smiling face
a slap on the ass
leads to disaster

no one says i do
that don't dream
for something better
to grow together
in that perfect image

what do you need?

one more puff of weed?
guess it can't
take you far enough

so just deal with
day to day

reaching out to create
but are you really O.K.

with having a woman
who hates to obey

always talks of her days
of freedom
your've seen her
staring out the window

i guess you'll never
really know
where she goes
cause you just forgot
to ask her...

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