Saturday, November 22, 2008


how can you be sad

if there is no you

no i

leave the world to
its wile-less wondering

i move

but i do not

i have found you

my silent center

and everything


all the flood will follow

we don't know

but we think we do

follow me
i know the way

i carry the light of a soul
untouched by anger

unknown to sores on my bare

as i track the desert

i feel you with me

all of you
the ghosts of a world

and i know what 

has to be done

not for me 

for everyone

the universal secret



feel that

gods eyes

follow your devotion,

bring the revolution

i have the willing nation

all your aithers
will wither

under the thumb of 
the unborn

the point of all 

consciousness expands

and we are destroyed 

to be brought together


I like Shakespeare :)

Et tu, Brute?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

angel baby

i look

in her eyes

does she know goodbye

how could she possibly understand

what its like to lose a man

you will


your flesh of mine

fated to wreck it all

with time

but for now


your cherubs face
to smile

and show what little grace
a woman of our name

has to bear

there are no flowers 
tucked in curls

here little girl

you reflect your mothers

 its my greatest fear

you understand

that you knew

as you grew inside

the faults that you came into

 and when you ask

were did daddy go

i'll tell the truth

 i don't know

it's my mistake that no one wants us, but its not for all my wanting. To bring a face so smiling as to claim with meaning. This is what i want, you are my life, my family, my children, my wife. Its wrong that with all my questioning a being so known for wondering could ever make it right. Please forgive me all the hard life.  God I'm sorry guys.

 i guess sometimes one just shouldn't write...