Monday, March 24, 2008

for always

it’s not about the money
or the company
this life

its not about the friendship
or the fame
this name

you can run
not this time
not again
cause the rain will follow you

Til your done with
done with time

divine threads will bind
across space and

i will find me
when the running ends
floating in stars
rippling dimensions
slipping through my fingers
like sand

the beach
and breasts for pillows
smiles continue
frozen in shutters
of memories

for always
but never the same
cause we have changed
i understand

it was always you
in me

Sea Shells

Just when i thought
i understood

when i broke through
safe to sleep

i’m running again
back on my toes

can’t be too comfortable
its cold here

i made the dark
its name is me

mistaken shapes of

undermine the

just to be
to see

to hold something
with meaning

once more
my friend

by threads
our lives hang

always together
forever never

drifting so close
to dreaming

waves crash with ebbing
angry words

falling deft before
the roaring reef

there at night
i gather the fragments

altogether i put them away
broken by shame

into an old shoe box
labeled "dreams"