Monday, October 26, 2009

Deep as the Sea

its a strange thing
to chase enlightenment

follow a dream

and oh so accepted
this flight filled being

how then
am i finding
these guts pushed
so low

theres not a thing wrong

why am i on the floor

in the throws of my pity
he tosses me about

i feel no more

and dismiss all doubt

I know there is love
but i'm to weak to say

i've suffered my romance

and still took this chance

return all the favors

these trinkets of gods

that have marred all my living

left too blind to see
I suffer

that no drug gives reprieve
and ache from a pain
that no pill can relieve

no priest
and no martyr

just me
and my shadows

they quietly company
where ever i go

and as high as the skye
and as deep as the sea

will learn to love