Saturday, October 15, 2005

Poetry 4 Freedom

Everyone asks where I find the time to write everyday. To them I say "How do you find the time to eat? - or to breathe?"

There is a truth that must be told here. The big secret. Most artists are broke!

I'm still making some last minute changes, but some tech friends and I got together to write my first published work. (*drumroll please*)The Artist's Guide to RSS if I can hand off a couple of these the white pickup truck won't show up outside this month!

The man in his uniform won't even have to make the drive and charge me an extra 20 to inform me it hasn't been paid. :)HA!

I'm really excited actually! I think I did a brilliant job with this one, and it will help a lot of artists: Painters, Sculptors, Journalists, Poets, Writers the world over, Bloggers, Podcasters, Vloggers - anyone really trying the hard way to publicize and sell their works and words online.

This is just one part of Ninja Press though :) I was up all night playing around with merch ideas, the order system is not set up though. Just post a comment if your interested in buying or have any ideas to use in the Ninja Press Line. (that sounds so awesome) Check this out. It has the title on the front, and the Sapphire poem of your choice on the back. Revive the art and spread the word! I even thought about a white fabric line, just so I can hand-sign the work! :)

Please, help a ninja out! Check out the book (you can peek the table of contents here), and keep an eye on the merch. I'll also be adding some original painting, sculptures, and pocket sculptures soon. Yey. Help me spread the words!


__________ said...

for your ipod, may it work again.
denali - Do Something.
Philadelphia mouse :)

ME Strauss said...

Thank you for setting me straight on the question of where all of the Internet stuff goes. What was I thinking? :)

What an interesting person you've turned out to be. You write with energy, intelligence, and a voice that has personality. These are rare finds on a Saturday night in the cyberworld. They are rare in the world of real people I fear. But no worries. There are plenty to keep me happy.

Thank you for making me laugh this afternoon.