Wednesday, October 12, 2005


it's like severed ties
are building up inside
and this soul is a shell
as i walk through inside
i'm just a shadow of myself
an oppression
of a reflection
and you shouldn't have to go away
don't turn
don't walk
just fade
like memories
you just fade away
and i
have tried
so many times
so many lies
and we're still living here like strangers
why cry when it hurts?

This is actually a song I wrote when I was doing the band thing last year. I wish my Ipod was working, I'd let you guys hear it. Soon huh? We'll all be rich. :)


beyondthebeginning said...

to go back
and be able
to ask you
your favorite color
your favorite band
and to not have you
their favorite games
on the way
back to here

EL A. said...

iPod me baby! I'm going to email you some cool mp3's. I tend not to like mainstream and you seem like you prob don't either...I like artists that are kinda off the beaten path. Singer/songwriters one sings a song really well unless they've written it...there's a special quality to it.