Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Needless things

such a sell out
for your commercialism
buy into your 60 second trip
and shape my life
around your materialism
gotta get that next
gotta get it thing
(need to have that thing)
makes life better
takes away the monotony
of everyday

i'll sell for you
just make my life better
make it mine
that chemical smile
watching from the mirror
as i slowly pass away
gotta get that next
-gotta get it thing
(need to have that thing)
makes life better


__________ said...

I can hear this one.
You are good stuff

EL A. said...

Saphy! Baby!
This reminds me of two songs that I hold dear actually...I work in television programming and promotion and I know I'm part of the system that "sells" needless things. I'm working at a PBS station now so I guess this is my mea culpa for my commercial broadcasting sins.

Anyway, the two songs are "Sex As A Weapon" by Pat Benatar (about sex in advertising) and "Candy Everybody Wants" by 10,000 Maniacs (about sex and violence on TV).

I really love this piece and every time I read it for some reason my mind kept inserting the word "bling" for "thing" in the line need to have that thing. I guess I've been working too much on this King Tut project we've got going. The tag line they are using from the museum down here is "The King Of Bling" lol.

EL A. said...

You probably should read Derrek Hines' Gilgamesh too, if for no other reason than this quote:

"Everything stammers sapphire until her eyes cool to human frequencies. She is ISHTAR"