Saturday, November 22, 2008


how can you be sad

if there is no you

no i

leave the world to
its wile-less wondering

i move

but i do not

i have found you

my silent center

and everything


all the flood will follow

we don't know

but we think we do

follow me
i know the way

i carry the light of a soul
untouched by anger

unknown to sores on my bare

as i track the desert

i feel you with me

all of you
the ghosts of a world

and i know what 

has to be done

not for me 

for everyone

the universal secret



feel that

gods eyes

follow your devotion,

bring the revolution

i have the willing nation

all your aithers
will wither

under the thumb of 
the unborn

the point of all 

consciousness expands

and we are destroyed 

to be brought together


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