Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tragedy Is You

tragedy has struck again
you're so unlucky
when will you decide
that you have had enough

i know your sorry
but with no regrets
then who's to say
you ever had
the right to choose
to fall

now you're naked
and you're walking
'round your neighborhood
at three a.m.
fucking tired
just exhausted
and i wonder
if you
ever cared at all

this is the end
of your halo

i've looked inside
and what i find's
a reflection
of all those things
i just don't like
in me

thank you for my inspiration
i just wish it didn't
hurt so bad for you
for you.

--I wrote this piece as a song really, when i got my first Gibson(love of my life). I love to sing, this piece is kinda punk/emo. I know those are polar opposites :)One of my favorites really. If anyone ever wants to make music just drop me an email . Love you!--


EL A. said...

I really like the anger in's so spot on how I felt about my "mid life crisis" relationship with a 26 yr old latino guy...major drama...I'm a drama free zone and this made me nuts. One day he just pushed me too far and I said "Tragedy and drama is all you are and it is all you will ever be. You are pathetic. It is both my prophesy and my curse."

Heavy words for 26 yr old to digest.

EL A. said...

The emotion of this one sort of reminds me of Garbage's "Special" when she sings:

"I have run you down into the ground.
Spread disease about you over town...
Do you have an opinion,
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special.
I thought you should know
That I've run out of patience,
I've run out comments.
I'm tired of the violence.
I couldn't care less.
I thought you were special.