Wednesday, November 02, 2005


been gone for days
on a search for self
but nothings changed

when am i enough
to satisfy me
how far can i go
to how great a degree
can i bend over backwards
to recognize
what's in front of me

to close to grab
and to personal to love
it spells out my disaster
hold fast
fall faster

my sweet
velvet glove
casts hearts that
once listened
into a state where
they're too pissed to reason

turning smile into friend
and friend into lover
attatched to a form
i forget
I am
only one dream
- one lost
in another.


EL A. said...

here's my latest--

Troy’s Melody
by Lee Rowand

We sat, holding fast to our seats,
Watching lives----both known and unknown,
The familiar and the forgotten,
Play out before us---in just “524,600 Minutes.”

At that moment the space between us was
But a breath----and yet an ocean,
A moment----and yet a lifetime.

I wanted to hold you forever in that song.
I wanted to kiss your brow and say
“It’ll be ok.”

I couldn’t look at you.
I couldn’t breach that gulf.
I couldn’t broach that topic.
I couldn’t say “It’ll be ok.”

I couldn’t…I…just…couldn’t…say it…and mean it.
“Breathe…just breathe…don’t let him hear your sobs.”

You are forever joined in my memory with that song...
Forever intertwined in the lyric...
The melody...
The meaning...
My lovely friend.

totalvo said...

wonderful poem.. thank you for the post and the info.. I hope to see some of your artwork soon..if I use flickr to post my photos and artwork