Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Stand

What can you do

when the dream ends

and you wake up to

once a friend

now a sympathetic lier

what tumbles from you lips

could hardly stifle all

my wanting

worn from all my doubting


I've nothing left to do

but believe you

what a silly girl

living forever in

her fantasies

taking just a moments

just to throw it all way

I have once known happy

I have once felt love

I was once left to stand corrected

and now my feelings all have


Anonymous said...

ah to live and learn... and then to learn to live... so many of us fall into our internal musings begging to release the images that form unto a world too cold to feel your pain... I listen, I feel, I get by. Great scribe poet your thoughts were not lost to me...

Mrs. Universe said...

Anonymous there's a peace to be found in this