Saturday, December 20, 2008


see the blind
and be thankful

for sight

hear a sigh
and be thankful

you can listen to sorrow

see the dead
breathe and be thankful
for tomorrow

cause you can only assume
from a moment
that the next will be waiting

so see what is not
all around you

but don't linger

be thankful
for what is...
only you

are there to hold on to
not sanity
a house
or a home

a club
or a tomb

i am the sick sad

and distant
as a midnights prayer

open your eyes
with hope and knowing
to find
only air

I wanted it all
but my all wasn't fair

all your hurting
my despair

how can there be
happy there?

with all our wanting
who can care

and when we let go
i'll just disappear

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