Friday, October 31, 2008


i know the every move

i've seen the contemplation

on a heart

heavy as the

winter snow on mountains

all around the land

of earth and fire

6 feet over


taking sides

under the false promise
of paradise

surrounded by anger

the source of change

there are no maps

in the mind we tread

but all




the sparks create

manifest a state

of life or desperation

is there a peaceful resolution

between children and toys

man and boys

woman and lies

what are relationships

besides ties that bind

keep us from the light

all we need is to realize

all this time

is only ours

all our problems

only ours

because we can't bare to be alone

with ourselves

i will learn

i am the resolution of me

i am the center of being

and so are you

understand there is no
separation from you and god

from kindness and fraud

i am my heart

open to hurt

left to damage

and blind in courage

not a thing

but a feeling

i and my mind

my organs, my skin

both outside and in

are living to live

and so are yours

i am love

lover and beloved

to me

all the world is my

hopeless hearts obsession

and i will give only joy that
returns from the universe

i feel and release the pain

i am not my reality

but i get lost in it's consciousness.

sweet words

only give titles

to the infinite

i vow to never capture

i vow to liberate

i vow to penetrate

i vow to attain

give life to the dead

and break those chains

with or without

no doubt

anger comes when someone
does it better

so don't compare

or you'll never escape

self induced hell

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