Tuesday, September 09, 2008


am i really as severe
as your mouth
says i am

can we take back
all the bad
and all the games

all the self same

makes all the difference
in a failing case

every smile covers
a final plea

"but stone walls
do not a prison make

nor iron bars a cage"

i am free

in my mind

my soul
you'll never bind

cause you'll never find
me hidden
in the darkness
of a mind
by you

your lips
your shit

i am tired
of always feeling

something is missing
and i come to find
that little quiet one

is vacant me.
hiding behind hollow eyes

climbing over all the
junk inside.

piled high
there's not enough to
buy that
fills the space

left by my absent soul

but thank you
for my understanding

for my abandon

forgot myself

almost a decade
behind my own existence

thought i was a teardrop
'til i recognized the flood

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