Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It Is

its no wonder
we live in a world
of lies

no one can face
the truth
when its said

that thing
that we already know
when we are shown


consuming souls
we turn our backs
on what we cant control

we've forgotten how to feel
we don't want to see whats real
because we can't

conditioned to love
what we confine
and damned to
reach for freedom

that can not be attained
as long as we lie
and believe

that it's something
to pursue
and not something
that is

Whatever you think
will make it right
will make it good
will make it anything

will make it lies
and your easy breezy
false face
will want

and will find
with out

we should all
speak truth

there is no
there is no
there is no
theres just a face
an image
that we steal
for a short time

parasitic beings
of energy
a mind body

until we destroy
this immortal

with our lies
trapped until
we open up to the
pain that comes
when the raw soul
is bare

naked and strewn
before the universe
crying "take me"

for i am perfect
in my imperfections

i am holy
in my mistakes

i was truth
to my world

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