Saturday, November 17, 2007

Suite e

i talk of dreams

i talk of children

of an idle brain

begot of nothing but vain fantasy

if Shakespeare taught all we ever needed
to know of dreaming

where would we be each night

what a repetitive world

what a repetitive mind

believes all that needs

to be learned is only that

which breeds indifference

only that which comes from outside

where is the real?

undefined even by definition


and out

the all permeating


we are the light

the node

the web

connectors of electricity in a dark

here i see the shadows creeping

i know i saw a spider

i know a heard a cinder

but where have they gone

and why those i's

we're all a wave

an ocean

we rise and
we fall

we live and
we become nothing

the being is gone
and done

now where are we
what are we

no more then dispersed "should have" "could haves"

what the fuck are you doing feeling
the way you do now

why are you learning someone else's game

whose rules

whose money

whose mistakes

what is it you want so badly

why do you wake in the morning

perhaps its this mind that traps you
into an infinite world

finite by definition

which separates you from experience again

forget to run from what fights you

forget to breathe when it happens

fall back inside

to find me

well not me

but thats as close as you can get
to describing the indescribable

to conceptualizing and conceiving
of something so incredible

so fulfilling

it was missed

prepare yourself to let go of nothing

and engage the sexual writhing beneath
the surface of silky existence,

a shell to cover the soul, pounds of death
and water this vehicle surrounds

and here you experience the weight of your
own doings

so heres you moral

and what a life

for now

a thought


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