Tuesday, October 04, 2005


why am I so tormented
by thoughts of you
there's still a dark desire
still a yearning
all my soul within me burning
open mouthed
flames outpour
watch them rolling down your body
soft and supple
hard engorged
close your eyes
it's just like breathing
let all thought just slip away
then the path is non-existant
(lips so close together)
in the darkness, and the silence
i can hear you asking questions
so confusing
but i'll never stop
(reflections of you)
how can love so passionate fade?
when you don't even know i'm there

***Everyone dreams

"Stone walls do not a prison make,
nor iron bars a cage"

One of my favorite things about writing and poetry especially - there are no boundries. No rules.
A very powerful art that can take others deep into the beautiful soul of the author. You have the power to control, to create and destoy worlds, to inspire a mass movement, or to incite a riot- rustling violence in the hearts of men.

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beyondthebeginning said...

ok we should at least be drinking beers and learning me something about the female mind. liking yours at least.
PS I'm not crazy. seriously. Well ok I'm pretty sure. Actually no. well. ok I'm little crazy. yeah ok. damn. later. (smilie)