Friday, November 11, 2005


we were once
so special
never getting enough
of warm inviting arms

it's hard sometimes
for a heart to forgive
even harder
when its yourself

i watch you sleep
and can't help
but feel that we're in fall

Changing shades
unless you count
all those yesterdays

what happened
to piano in the rain
hazy days
silently content

with my head
on your chest
i flew miles away
while you spoke

i know you're here
everyday i see you
more transparent
still i miss you

come back :(


all things big and ugly said...

awesome! so well worded. how do come up with this stuff? it's great to read from somone with such fire, it's been such a long time. thanks!!!!!!!!!! ken.

Anonymous said...

nice poem.. i changed my blog address. peter strange yumi

beyondthebeginning said...

you still rock