Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What happened?

what happened
to the streetside poet
the teller of truths
the painter of worldly masks
what happened
to the one behind
the one beside
and ahead
once everywhere
but rare
i say
we need to hear it
come forward
to your revolution
words to capture
a forgotten
a nation
of artists
living by the word
and dying by the word
starving for expression
pressed for lines
we sit as angels
on high
writing on mortal


totalvo said...

I would love to see some of your art.. do you have any posted anywhere ?

totalvo said...

I still would love to see some of your artwork

Crafty Green Poet said...

Exellent poem! You should come to Edinburgh during the Festival, Sapphire (or any other time for that matter!). The city is full of streetside poets and others, though sometimes the ones with the most valuable things to say are drowned out by the ones with the loudest voices. We've got some great venues for performance poetry too.

Daniel Barkowitz said...

Love this. Very evocative and expressive. I too miss the poet on the streetcorner, speaking truth far more powerfully than the nightly news or the political pundant. Thanks for visiting my blog as well! Nice work here...

EL A. said...

I love it...a shout out to Gen Y.

Nine days of no power after Wilma. I only have net access at work. Part of the Tv station roof peeled back. This sucks.