Thursday, October 20, 2005


So I've been offered a place to stay in Varanasi,India. I'd love to study the history, spirituality, art and culture. Anyone got any ideas on how to get there. I know a ton of artists travel. But how? :)


totalvo said...

If i were you i would go by plane to india..I am happy you understand the link text that i had posted on my blog.. thanks for your comment.. not alot of women that program. do you live in the US ?

EL A. said...

Sweetie, I hate to tell you but they've held up your application for deification to replace the goddess Ishtar, so walking on water to India is not an option at this point.
Hitching a ride on with an errant Cuban rafter also not a good idea, they can barely cross the 90 miles to South Florida without sinking.
Max out a credit card, head for the temple and don't look back. Oh and shave your head, friend of mine said it was easier that way when traveling around India. Not a lot of bathing going on...big lice problem...ewww!

Hokule'a said...

Go go go like el a. said max out the card and go you will not regret it.

Anonymous said...

go to varanasi, formerly benares, you won't regret it. read gisnberg's indian journals before leaving, or bill sherman's glimpses of india and nepal. fly to bombay or delhi, then train, car with driver or air to varanasi.